Friday, June 1, 2012

Poem ko 'to

From the darkest and dreary night
Your light roars my heart so deep
My wearied life turned into bright
Faded glooms and less a weep

Your love is indeed a beacon

Glowing affection that fills bliss

That mislaid within me from then on

But you bid fondness, I hold a kiss

This love is so pesky for I tend to refuse

But it keeps on coming back to me more again

So the word love has been over used

It sinks and marks in me like a stain

Then each sound of your soul goes nearer

All your music keeps me out of the rain

Your kindness takes away all the blubber

Make me sing with all my heart and brain

Sweet smile of yours makes me damn happy

Like a carriage of chills down my spine

Your infatuation seems to be bubbly

Terribly like it; I love it, thus divine!

So remember when your eyes meet mine

My soul is all yours which I can’t deny

With discreet liaison, I don’t mind

From your sincere gaze I will just rely

Coz I knew that we’re predestined

To be as one, delighted that was pristine

Forever awaiting we’re both mature

I only hope that our love will endure

I will hold you from my deepest rhyme

Keep on believing every verse of your mime

Each facet of my being will not be bushed

I will love you until my heart is crashed

Daisylee Saberon is deeply in love with Mark Aldren Jeciel”


   Ito ay inaalay ko para sa aking pinakamamahal....... matagal ko na 'to nagawa.. at ibinigay sa kanya ang kopya... . .. masaya kasi nagustuhan niya.. . . . First time ko nakagawa ng tulang ganito...... english pa.. ...poem na nga....... para sa mahal ko.... sa kuletkoh...... basta masaya ako....... masaya kasi siya ang mahal ko.. mahal na mahal ko...... hanggang sa walang hanggan na ..... tiyak ko... salamat at mahal niya rin ako...... ramdam ko sobra...... masarap...... umaapaw na kaligayahan.. *yakap*

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