Friday, February 2, 2018


I was hooked by your calm eyes
I can feel it in my belly there are butterflies
It made me want to invade your soul
Be part of it, fill that hole and be whole

With your photograph I’m amazed
Just black and white but it truly weighs
With your dungeon images I am hypnotized
You set me in motion but I think I’m paralyzed

Your strange smile for me is so attractive
Such a quiet strength, now my force is abortive
Emotions were overflowing yet I became aggressive
I let you know my feelings, that there was no right adjective

I feel like I am facing a mirror I can see myself to you
Showing same reflection, so silent and yet so blue
I want to put at least a spark on it and see you through
See our distance to be closer, but I wasn’t asking for revenue

Now I find myself so rare, I’m insane
This isn’t possible, not at all, I’m all to blame

But I just can’t stop staring at you my dear
Listen to me and let me gaze on your atmosphere
Let me put some sparkling stars, you know I’m sincere

Let us stop holding everything back,
Forget every dreary flashback
Let’s move forward meet me halfway so we can stand,
Together on the same sky, let’s create our own land.

-daisylee 11/18/17

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