Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mama is sick and stuck !

 My mom was admitted last October 30, 2011 in the hospital.  She needs to undergo operation in her gallbladder because of the doctors so called “stone” in it.  

She was getting well after the operation. We are looking forward for her continuous recovery so we can be with her soon.

But until now, she’s still there.  The hospital is still holding her because of our failure to pay for the exceeding bills. She has her medicard ,Philhealth assistant, to wrap major bills. The philhealth is geared up to pay for Php 80,000 for the hospital bill, so we still need to pay for the exceeding bills.  But that bills was too big for us. We’ve asked them if we can make a promissory note promising that we’re going to pay for it for a specific period of time. From then we have thought that our mom will be discharge that day (Nov. 4). But I am, specially, was shocked that we still need and forced to pay for the Professional Fees of the five doctors that assist my mom in the operations.   Wow ! That hospital was so greedy, as if we so looked like a rich family that we can easily pay for their demands. 
“walang awa” That was words that comes out from my mouth ‘coz Im so  mad at them.

Haist. I really don’t know what to do.


I’ve already ask my friends to help me but like me, they can’t help for that big amount of money.  My officemates also tried to lend a hand, and I thank them for that. At least I know that they wanna help us. But additional problem is, the more my mom stayed there, the more our bills get bigger and bigger each day.

Now, my aunt Melvie was trying to seek help from the mayor’s office in our city. Pitiful but we need to smack for that if that will be the only way that we can crack our problem.

I hope there will be wealth from heaven that hears our cries. 

“Sana makauwi na si mama sa bahay, we missed her so much. Sana tuloy-tuloy narin ang paggaling niya. Kahit medyo nahihirapan kami ngayon, masaya parin kasi ligtas na si mama.”

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